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Magnusson Park - The Dog Paradise Resort. Swimming, beach and lots of people walking around after you picking your “shit” up.

The Krew came out to say farewell to their mate Buddy

Buddy’s last day!

I think she’s got treats, what do you think?

Milkshake, the party is behind you!

Incoming #golden!

Balan pup just doin his job. Making sure Oscar doesn’t bark.

#bailey&banjo photo shoot on the tugboat tonight


I just graduated from Puppy School and your leaving?

Who will make me look thin now?

Lucy’s transition to the park this week has been perfect! #perfectpuppy

How many blondes does it take to……

Cold, wet, tired and ready for a nap. #dogpark #ballwalkpark #dogparkdays #dogwalking #seattle #rain #tireddogisagooddog